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date 19th of march 2003

/Vit KOMRZY - Managing Director UPP/
Personally, I think trying to create an independent film with international ambitions is very difficult I believe that if we support the young creators today we make it possible to work with them in the future on more ambitious projects And of course it also pleases me very much that, despite the limited means, the result will be interesting and, in the end, it will prove to be successful as well as interesting for audiences. That makes me very happy. I think that for a film with ambitions of this kind and coming about in this constellation high-definition technology is ideal It is the ideal technology, because it gives the creators immense freedom They can shoot large quantities of material and so I'm convinced that even from an economic point of view it is the right choice So I believe that high definition is the optimum technology for this film I wouldn't worry about the technical quality of this film High definition in combination with transfer to 35 mm film is an alternative to classic 35 mm shooting And today, for a film like Blackout, it is the absolute perfect technology To tell the truth, I think that in the Czech Republic there have been a lot of low-budget films made, with young creators and even with non-professional actors but in its planned scope, this is a relatively unique work So I don't know what it could be compared with.------DON'T YOU CONSIDER USING ORDINARY PEOPLE OFF THE STREET AS RISKY? AS WELL AS THE CONSIDERED PARTICIPATION OF CONTROVERSIAL SINGER MARILYN MANSON?-----There is of course a risk in using people off the street without any real acting experience But I think it's worth the risk and that in the end, if all goes well, the film could be that much more powerful and interesting So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to it.

/jaroslav KRAL - manager of RADIO ORION/
Cinematography art should be privately financed not dependent upon state funding.

/vilem ANTONCIK - Vice Mayor of Moravska Ostrava and Privoz/
When Mr. Haltmar first approached me, and when I actually for the first time became acquainted with the outline of the script or with the idea of what your film was supposed to be about, I said to myself that this is maybe precisely about Ostrava. And that is on the level that this film will be full of contrasts. Ostrava is a city that always was, and will be, a city of contrasts. This mean, on the one hand, important Art Nouveau buildings with decrepit factory buildings right next door, but which today can provide some interesting exterior locations. Maybe even for film A city that has greenery but on the other hand still has dark places that will simply always be a part of Ostrava But mainly I think that the people of Ostrava are on the one hand disproportionately hard, but then when, say, you walk through our well-known Stodolnν street, you find out that they are absolutely open and warm-hearted people. I think that we gladly welcome everyone who comes to Ostrava.

/pavel GODICKY - attorney/
I know roughly what it's about Mr. Haltmar here explained that to me. But it was even apparent from what I translated, what I commented on. By that I mean the contracts from America So I do have a rough idea about the film As a movie fan, I like the fact that independent films are made in the Czech Republic as well You found some people and money, that's positive No matter how the film turns out. If it's good, so much the better.

/daniel VITEK - owner of Ford Dankar/
The Dankar Company will take part in the shooting of this crazy movie Why Dankar? In short, they talked me into it. That would be the best way of putting it. And I hope that Lubos will be able to achieve what he wants to here And I also hope that we too, at least a little, will help make the film good.

/ondrej BEHAL - Editor-in-Chief of Svet Motoru/
We're expecting an interesting documentary from it I think that there aren't many articles about cars that appear on the silver screen And we're interested in everything that has to do with cars That means even cars used in film I'm looking forward to the premiere and especially to our documentary.

/david DURON - GTS Commercial Division Director/
The film, "Blackout" is an alternative film In its own way it is a fight against the Hollywood giants Just like GTS is fighting against one giant on the market here, Cesky Telecom So we're also working on the alternative market The teaming up of two alternive players is only logical Bona-fide actors do not necessarily have to be good actors A person always has to start small and gradually work up to bigger things If a certain group of people get their first chance with this project, I think, why not? It could be a big break for them in their continuing existence At the very least, someone is giving them a chance to show if they've really got what it takes We'll see the result of all this soon.

/pavel ZAK - Director VIP Club casinos/
Our company, VIP Club, which operates hotel casinos at the Ambassador, Corinthia, Panorama and Corinthia Towers, is also actively involved in organizing various social events The film Blackout caught our attention mainly with its interesting subject matter that deals with life changes and human interest stories of people that live in modern society I think that Milos Forman has already proven that so-called, "amateur actors", can deliver superb performances Personally, I support the casting of non-professional actors in films and that is mainly because I think that non-professional actors can create a character by different means than actors As for Marilyn Manson, I see his potential involvement in this film in a positive light We're talking about a well-known personality which could only help in the presentation of this film.

/milan HAVLΝN - owner of Presto Translation/
It seemed interesting to me, translating film I liked the fact that someone wanted to create something new something that doesn't exist in the Czech Republic yet The starting with limited means, and putting the whole team together. And that there was no big company behind the project, making it all happen. I supported this project, I liked the subject matter and content of the film A reliable actor is a form of guarantee of success On the other hand, if you can choose actors which fit in exactly with the writer's vision, the success can be that much bigger I was very impressed by the year-long preparations for this project with a very small group All of the organization, finding of sponsors, getting big companies interested I wish you all the best and I support this project.

Oliver STONE, who we asked to be "advisor on BLACKOUT", is concentrating on his own project at the moment, which is being closely guarded from the rest of the world. "A first film can be a very difficult experience, but also a very rewarding and exhilarating learning experience", he said.

Hollywood's Most Exciting and Controversial Film Director The One and Only Original Stone Site on the Web since November of 1995!
Woody McBRIDE, Ur-Underground DJ number one - has put together the first version of the film soundtrack for "BLACKOUT".

Woody McBRIDE of Minnesota, AKA "DJ ESP" has been an advocate, enthusiast & organizer of arts & music activities since his hungry early-80's junior high school years. ESP is a champion of fun and a revolutionary new drug-free electronica concert promoter taking a sound by popular demand to a forum it deserves.
Famous American rapper, Turbo B., has shown interest in taking part in the film, BLACKOUT.

He would also like to write and compose music for the film. He has already produced soundtracks for several Hollywood productions including Night Terror /US film/, Swimming pool /Senator Film/ and other Hollywood films produced by Ralf Richter.

/Marilyn Manson, 2002/They are a race completely apart from other human beings.

Their emotions, all their feelings, their reactions are opposed to so-called "normal" people's sentiments. They are vulnerable and deeply sensitive people, due to their talents, their super-imagination, their knowledge of hidden influances of which we ordinary human beings are not. They are not easy to live with - if you choose to live with them at all, if you have the luck meet them at all.

Writers, composers, painters - also artists like directors, and actors fall into the same category. They have to be handled with kid-gloves, mentally ad physically. All their reactions go to extremes, compared to non-artistic human beings. As I vas lucky enough to meet and love and work for many, many artists, I learned, not without heartbreak and pain, to become a better, more intelligent, respectfull and devoted person. No tears more wasted in the process. My tears - not theirs:


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the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka
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