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"Blackout" is a film about the young woman Verona who works in a bar in order to provide for herself and her 4 year old daughter. One day Bruno walks in to her life, he's a 55 year old lawyer who's life has fallen apart and he now survives as a taxi driver. The film depicts their rapidly developing relationship; an intens love affair which ends with Verona trying to kill Bruno. In the following trial we discover another truth about the story between Verona and Bruno. Certain characters we met in the beginning of the film are now reveiled. We go "backstage" in the court-room and discover that even the people of the judiciary are involved in what we first thought was an isolated tragic love story.

The film neither presents nor promotes well-known names, rather it presents distictinve personalities opposing "unknown personalities". The character of the ex-lawyer now taxi driver Bruno is created by a non-actor who is a lawyer in his civil life and the action takes place in a city which in past times had a turbulent relationship with the papal inquisision; a remarkably big amount of "witches" ended their life at the stake in this town. Under the appearence of a waitress, Verona is a hidden "floozy", the taxi driver Ali deals with illegal goods, Karla the sister of Verona is a furious little bitch desperately trying to change her life, Verona's mother is a kind soul; seemingly caring but shows her true self when presented to Verona's new boyfriend Bruno.

All of these characters are people we could meet any day of our lives. As we pass them in the street we might think about what they are like but we only see their momentary mask. In the film we see the destructive parts of ourselves but Veronas wonderfull little daughter gives us hope.


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