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Exotic Location - Sri Lanka

We would like offer you
possibility of ensuring a new film
LOCATION SERVICE for production
shooting at Sri Lanka:
1) the possibility of Shooting on one the four most beautiful beaches in the world - koggala beach
2) Tropical forests, tea plantations - rice - coconut - orchids
3) miraculous nature, giant bamboos, Seychelles palms "coco de mer", tree with biggest crown in the world, and original location, like mountain plateau "END OF WORLD"
4) for golf lovers are also available golf courses - some of them by ocean established since 1891 - and some at an altitude of 2070 feet
5) accommodations at exclusive hotels with full service


 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka

Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

Blackout movieShooting of Movie Blackout - part I. and making of Blackout Movie Shooting Photo Gallery Informations

Press release for movie. blackout.pdf 
( Czech, 406 kB, PDF ) blackout.pdf 
( English, 473 kB, PDF )


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