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This is an exlusive VIP meeting for clients of big company and their bussines partners under the Charles bridge in the beautiful location of Hergertova Cihelna.

This evening is because of a special water projection about a history of the Charles bridge from begining to the present.

Dear guests will have a possibility and the open public to get together acquainted with the something new about the history of the Charles bridge, because of special technology of projection steam, so that the pictures which will be projected it will reach over the Charles bridge.

During this evening will pass through the moderated program in all location of Hergertova Cihelna.

On the midnight starts the big water show projection. »


location of Hergertova CihelnaThe guests will never forget about this beautiful atmospher with music in the historical and authentic part of Prague.

In the raffle will be drawn lots the atractive and exotic prices from Karibian.

water projectionGuest will have a chance to acquaint with a new preparing film Blackout, which will be distributed by the Bonton film company.

All of the guest will obtain the photography from this party.

Evening will pass through three parts:

water projection1) Hennessy Show - mix drinks from Hennessy Fine de Cognac, free dumb show and the live music
2) Fashion Show with the picked clothes marks
3) Midnight Show - 3D projection video about the history of the Charles bridge from the begining to the present. On this water projection it will be also posible to include the logo of your company as an advertisment. The size of water projection is 100 m width x 24 m height.


 Humanitarian aid for
the Galle southern province of Sri Lanka

Photo distributing aid.
Letter of thanks CR. Top!

Blackout movieShooting of Movie Blackout - part I. and making of Blackout Movie Shooting Photo Gallery Informations

Press release for movie. blackout.pdf 
( Czech, 406 kB, PDF ) blackout.pdf 
( English, 473 kB, PDF )


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